about m.merki soap

At m.merki soap, we believe in simple things in life and the power of nature. We cherish the charm of the old-fashioned bar soap, and each m.merki soap creation reflects our passion for authenticity.

A bar of m.merki soap is a luxurious artisan soap crafted in small batches. The entire process is done by hand, using traditional methods that involve only a blender and a kitchen scale being the only machines used. We employ the cold process method, which uses low temperatures to preserve the goodness of natural ingredients. From picking the ingredients to mixing, pouring into molds, cutting, stamping, wrapping, packing, and labeling each soap bar – every step is carried out by hand.

Embrace the authenticity of m.merki soaps; they are genuine, made exclusively from natural oils, natural colorants, and additives, enhanced with pure essential oils. There is nothing fake.

Beyond indulgence, we prioritize the planet. With minimal waste production, we contribute to environmental care. Our soaps are a harmonious blend of luxury and sustainability — truly all-natural, vegan-friendly, palm oil-free, and packaged with the environment in mind (zero plastic, recycled, reusable, biodegradable).

Treat yourself today and fall in love with the old-fashioned bar soap all over again!